Jonathan Wessel

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Jonathan Wessel is a film and television actor, having worked on THE OVER-MOUNTAIN MEN trilogy, the short films HAPPY TOGETHER, THERE, NIGHT GUARD and WINK AT ME. Jonathan is currently cast as Wulfrick in the new TV series KNIGHT'S END and is slated to appear in the fan film STAR WARS: RISE OF THE GREY JEDIJonathan studied the Meisner Method of acting with Andrew Gallant, On-Camera with Janelle Snow and Chris Agos (Chicago P.D.), as well as studied privately with Michael Joiner (lead actor from The Grace Card) and Michele Juskowitz (acting coach for Channing Tatum). As a stuntman, Jonathan trained at Asylum Stunts Midwest in Chicago.

Jonathan's goal is to work on projects that will warm hearts and inspire others to change their lives for the better. Touching lives through films is Jonathan's desire, and especially to affect the lives of children through the characters he portrays as well as in his own personal life. One of Jonathan's favorite shows growing up was Little House on the Prairie and his favorite actor is Michael Landon. Growing up, Jonathan was inspired by the stories of Little House and Michael Landon's performances. Jonathan hopes to be a part of stories that are as emotionally rich and inspiring as Little House was.